Since 2009 we have been equipping teachers with resources in schools all over the country.  With our unique pedagogy, EVERY STUDENT can and will program a highly realistic spreadsheet model and then study it using only High School level Math!  Spreadsheets can enhance learning in STEM education just as they have enhanced productivity in business and The Spreadsheet Lab Manual (SLM) makes it happen.

2 Phases of Every SLM:
   1. Model Development                                                         2. Analysis/Interpretation  

With easy-to-follow steps that precisely guide students to program a mathematical model starting from a blank spreadsheet, every student succeeds at model building in each STEM subject area.  By then altering variables to interact with graphs and observing model predictions, students learn about the mathematical nature of Science  through investigation and discovery.  Joining the SLM resource network gives teachers everything they need to master educating their students with spreadsheet modeling.  SLM lessons are  truly multidisciplinary, are NGSS aligned and engage students in all 8 Science and Engineering Practices despite being written years ahead their adoption.  

Activity Demonstration Videos

Why modeling on a spreadsheet is more efficient (faster and easier) than any other graphing or data analysis program.

Building a model from scratch.  Shows users how to build a model and demonstrate Superimposing Waves to Make Beats on a spreadsheet using SLM Pedagogy.

CHEMISTRY: Titration Spreadsheet

BIOLOGY/ENVIRONMENTAL: Modeling Population Growth

PHYSICS/EARTH SYSTEMS: Law of Universal Gravitation

Content Areas Covered